Thursday, February 05, 2004

I honestly didn't mean for my last posting about my lack of shoes make anyone feel bad for me. I was just saying how my days of reckless spending are pretty much over. If I don't have a use for something I wont't purchase it. Or any current household or personal item (whatever it may be) is perfectly useful and just a bit old, then I will not buy a new one until it is on its last legs. Well my sweet and thoughtful husband dragged me to the shoe store last night and bought me four pair of new work shoes. Yes four. Thank God they were having a sale(although their regular prices are great also). I have never really felt guilty for buying shoes. I am a girlie girlie in that way. I enjoy looking at shoes and handbags. But I have learned to curb my enthusiasm when it comes to purchasing them. But last night I did feel guilty. I kept thinking that money(which was a very small amount) could have gone to something else. However I do appreciate his kindness. I am a very lucky girl. I love you Niel & have a great time tonight!!
I must add that yesterday's weather was so gorgeuse. I am saying this about 40 degree weather mind you. Can you imagaine when it gets to be 80 I will be complaining that it will be sweltering. This has been a crazy winter.
I found this neat site. I love learning about how
people live in other countries.

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