Friday, January 23, 2004

My morning started off pretty happy. I had a good appointment with a new client for my day job. He owns a cute little café on the Upper East Side. That is New York City for anyone that might read my little blog who lives out side of the New York metro area. After I left with a contract I slowly walked towards the train station looking to see of other potential business. I scribbled a number down. AsI got closer to the train I went into a bookstore and looked at a few books. However, I was drawn toward the section where they kept journals. I love looking at journal covers and the empty pages that could possibly be filled with writing, or be made into scrapbooks or used for doodling. Looking at them made me feel warm inside. I got a journal for a gift a few months back and I have been meaning to carry it along with me; because any time I tend to get an idea I don’t have a piece of scrap paper to write it down. So the idea is forgotten. I already carry two bags with me, filled with schoolbooks and reading material; so the little journal sits on one of the bookshelves with its pages waiting to be written in. But one small journal isn’t too much extra weight to bring with me.
I am working on a new frame for my business. The customer gave me the idea. I was a little perplexed because I wanted to do a good job. Usually the ideas come to me easily, but this one I had to really rack my brain and thankfully the customer and I were on the same wavelength!
I would also like to congratulate Jennifer and Renzo who are expecting their first baby!!!!
May they have a healthy little one and their lives be filled with happiness!!

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