Saturday, January 24, 2004

I have not been able to stop writing since mentioning a few posts ago that I would be taking a break because I have or had writer's block. I have tons of ideas for stories, a poem and articles. It is funny when inspiration strikes. This is good and bad. The good part is the writer's block is gone. It is bad because now I know that the writer's block does not last forever, and I can always begin a story. You ask how can this possible be bad? Well I have trouble with finishing a story...the direction I take it to. I guess I should just write and be happy that I have something to write down, even if it is the beginning portion only.
I have been on a Thai kick lately. Scouring the web for recipes that sound close to the delicious Thai cuisine Niel and I devoured in Seattle. I found some recipes and immediately went to the Asian supermarket in Elmhurst. Below is a picture of my bounty. Later on I will post how my attempt at cooking Thai went.

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