Monday, January 05, 2004

I found out when I came to work this morning that one of my coworkers is in the hospital. And not just any old coworker that I would feel terrible that they are ill. Elaine is my best friend at work. She taught me everything I know about my job. Elaine is also a fun person, full of good stories and funny jokes. I hope she feels better and is back to work soon. I along with some other of my coworkers are of course going to visit her.
This weekend was a lot of fun. Niel and I relaxed on Saturday by watching DVD's and playing Trivial Pursuit. Of course he beat me. His brain is a sponge with tons of information. It was fun and relaxing. I also found my study guide so it is back to studying. I forgot I packed it for our trip so during the long plane rides I would read that occasionally. For every chapter I read of my study book I will reward myself by reading The Burning Tigris.
Sunday we went and ran some errands of things we needed around the apt. So hopefully my office/guest room will be in working shape soon. Inspired by my office coming together I also made two frames and progressed further into my two of my three stories. Which is good. I also have two things happening which I will wait at a later time to reveal. We also ventured into Williamsburg to check out a artist flea market and Niel saw a neat Asian restaurant called Seas that we are going to have to try. That area is becoming so trendy.
I was reading my usual blogs and at times when I read this particular blog I feel like I am reading about myself. This could not be more true then today's posting. Of course everything about today's entry would not apply to me since she and I are not the same person, but a lot of it did. I did always know about the intuitiveness.

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