Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I forgot to mention what one of the items I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond many weeks ago was. It was a candy thermometer. Niel and I gave out gift bags for our holiday party. I made peanut brittle and Niel made pepperment bark. The candy thermometer worked very well. It told me how hot the sugar got before I could put in the peanuts. I should have put in more peanuts but we ended eating most of the peanuts in the jar.
I decided that I need another book case for my office/guest room. I knew I needed it for a while now but as always other things came up that needed funding for. So I hope sometime this weekend we will venture out and purchase one. I plan on happily organizing the piles of papers on the bed and my desk. It will really help me in the long run. Disorganization is yucky. It makes me feel all out of control. I have tons of ideas but have a hard time focusing with the piles in different directions. I did pick up a few more supplies at Michaels for more frame ideas I have.(Thanks Erin) I also hope the frame site will relaunch this weekend. I am so excited at how it will look. I really enjoy celestial themes but the new site is going to be beatiful and hopefully easier to see and navigate.
We also need to get frames for some neat pics that Niel found in Seattle and of a funny picture we posed for.
Our little apt. is more and more being a part of our collaborated tastes.
I also started to read The Burning Tigris which Erin(thanks again) gave me. Lucky for me because I ofcourse find the subject of the Armenian Genocide interesting and I also misplaced one of my school books. I was so close to taking the second test and until I find it I will be absorbed in The Burning Tigris.
I made Cioppino last night. Holy crap was it good. Any seafood lovers out there must try it! The mussels I bought were so fresh, they were bubbling in the water I had them in. We never ate seafood so fresh.

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