Saturday, December 27, 2003

The holidays were nice. They passed by way too quickly though. We gave some cool gifts and recieved some cool gifts as well. We ate awesome foods and enjoyed ourselves. I saw a lot of movies such as Something's Got to Give, Cheaper By The Dozen and Peter Pan.
Something's Got To Give was funny but ran too long. Cheaper By The Dozen was a sweet family movie. Peter Pan was watching magic be born. It really is not for children though. At least not this version. But the way the movie was marketed the theater was of course packed with kids. I plan on trying to see Calender Girls and Big Fish. Niel is away upstate with Mike and Kelvin visiting Mark or The Jedi. So I have a lot of free time to watch movies and clean. I also accidently ate some moldy cheese and have a bit of an upset stomach. The only excuse I have is it was dark and I had the munchies. Niel besides working on his Seattle story is making over my frame page. Since we got this new computer(thanks Kelvin)there are neat programs for page designs. It is going to look just lovely. Of course the problem is time. So it might take a long time but it is worth it.
The site was down for a few days. I was evaluating if I enjoyed writing it. And I do. Of course I don't write everything on this blog. I keep some things for me. Such as my secret plan for world domination and how to find ways to hurt people. Because that is what I am all about. This niceness is a front because I am really evil. Heh heh heh. Like when I am walking down the street I think to myself is there a baby I can take candy from or an old man whose cane I can swipe? Or if I am in the supermarket and I see something I really want and I am short a few cents then I can just steal it right? I really enjoy the attention so I try to be as troublesome as possible. Hee Hee Hee. Some of you know I am joking and others I just don't really care if you do. Well Happy Holidays! Do I really mean that? Hmmmm...........
When Niel returns tonight we are going to venture to Ted and Maria's for a holiday party. I am looking forward to it.
I bought a necklace (a Christmas gift for my brother's girlfriend Christine) from Sibling Rivalary. It is a jewelry company in Canada run by two sisters. Check out the site. They have some nice things.

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