Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Gertrude Ederly the first woman to swim the English Channel died Monday at age 98. That was a great feat for women (anyone really) for that generation and I guess now.

I heard a rumor that The Family Guy might be airing on Fox again. Yay!

One of the interns is listening to Tori Amos. A wonderfully talented musician. I got introduced to Tori in college through my friend A. Although we don't get to see one another as often as we'd like I still think of her and those times every time I hear Tori.

I want to thank Lorissa from for linking my frame site on hers. I appreciate her emailing me back quickly and even though she did not know me she liked what she saw and linked it. There are a lot of blogs out there about women helping other women and I find a lot of it to be fake and crytical. There is too much emphasis about differences. It is nice to know that she wasn't one of them.

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