Thursday, November 20, 2003

I though someone was having cake. Then I realized my coworker was drinking the most delicious smelling tea. I asked him what flavor it was and he replied Vanilla. I did not know that Vanilla tea was available. I like drinking tea, better than coffee. I actually prefer iced coffee. My favorite tea is lemon zinger. My love of tea came from my paternal grandmother who I was named after. She used to have tea three times a day and I guess to keep her close to me I started to drink tea as well.
My coworkers have been speaking excitedly about their menus for Thanksgiving. It feels nice to be able to be married and to have holidays and dinners and share these things as well.
One of our freelance writers passed away of apendix cancer. It felt like a pit in my stomach when I found out. I had no ideas this time of disease existed. She was young and a mother of three. I did not know her but looked forward to reading her mothly articles. I wonder if she knows now how many people she touched. I hope her husband and children can find some comfort in that.

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