Friday, November 21, 2003

I have a pretty full weekend planned although Niel will be away camping. I have closets to clean out and errands to run. I in a way like to clean. I like seeing all the things I need clean, organized and tidy. Plus I have to finish my Christmas shopping already and I want to pick up another cooking utensil. More about that next month.
Congratulations to Anna and Harry. They are expecting a bundle of joy in the Summer. I hope wonderfull things for their new family. It seems like everyone we know is having babies or trying to have them. My cousin on my mom's side is pregnant with her second. Her oldest is almost one. Two cousins on my father's side had children who turned one. One of them has twins. Good luck to them all. It sort of feels like that time when about everyone we know was getting engaged or almost married.

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