Sunday, November 30, 2003

I saw an episode where the Chip Shop was featured on the Food Network . It is little British restaurant in Park Slope Brooklyn. They serve authentic British Food. They also own The Curry Shop right next door. The Curry Shop is as you might have already guessed a Indian Restaurant. I am a foodie. I love experimenting with different foods and trying different foods and one of my favorite networks is the Food Network. I have tried almost all the different ethnic foods the city has to offer but never British Food. I love British culture and was so happy to know this restaurant exists. For pete sake we are even taking a side trip to Victoria, British Columbia . The most British town in all of Canada. It is the closest thing I can get to England for now. So Niel and I took a drive yesterday evening. Both places were awesome for ambiance and menu. We sampled from both menus. For appetizers we tried Naan Bread and Vegetable Pakora. Naan Bread is basically flat bread. But we dipped it in three Indian sauces that is served in every Indian restaurant. And Vegetable Pakora is mashed potato and peas in spice fried in a crusty shell. It was tasty but a bit small. For dinner I had Welsh Rarebit. I do not want to know what it is all I know it was awesome! It was this soft fried dough with tasty bits on top of it, some tomato and brown sauce on the side. Niel had fish and chips. His serving was huge. He even tried Vinegar on his fries. He suprisingly liked them and I did not. We even ordered dessert. We almost never order dessert out. But the Chip Shop is known for frying their dessert so we had to try it. I got a fried Bounty bar and Niel tried a fried Twinkie. True fried snacks are not healthy but oh so worth it and we almost never eat fried foods. It was heavenly. We did try to make a fried Mounds bar last year and that came out terrific but these desserts were made oh so much better. Niel also drank a bubbly, blue berry flavored hard liquor. I could not taste any alcohol and really wanted to drink the entire thing. It was so good smelling and tasting. So I highly recommend going to this wonderful place which was decorated with mostly Indian designs. We then drove through Brooklyn Heights looking at all the wonderully decorated row and town houses. I so wish I could live there. I even take a peek occassionally at real estate for there. I could never in a million years afford it but I can dream. The night before I dreamt all the frames broke. Luckily they did not.
During the day I was at a Lyons Club Flea Market trying to sell my frames. Wow that was a learning experience. That was so totally the wrong atmosphere for me to be selling my frames. It looked like everyone else was basically trying to sell the left over stuff they had in their basements. If I knew I would have tried to sell my crap instead of my home made frames. I was getting pretty bummed but Niel said it was a learning experience. I now know I have to go to an arts and crafts fair. I was very pleased and a bit shocked to sell one of my frames. Some one bought my baby themed frame. I bought the price down from $5 to $3. I was desperate. I wasn't even upset about bringing the price down. I was also a bit sad to see it go. But I hope some cute baby's picture fits perfectly in the frame. So enjoy whomever you are. I did get a lot of studying done. Which is always good.

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