Friday, November 28, 2003

Ahh Turkey day is over. I am sad and happy at the same time. I almost like anticipating the holiday rather than the day it self. Most times what I expect the day to be like never is. The day before at Niel's suggestion I prepped the food instead of running around like a headless chicken(I grossed myself out) the night before and this made dealing with the actual day much easier. I almost did not know what to do with myself yesterday. I have a hard time sitting still. People kept coming in and out like my parents, my brother , Niel's mom, Niel's brother , Niel's two aunts and friend Kelvin. Heck what is the point of setting an actual time? This was the menu. For appetizers we served: an antipasto platter, cheese turnovers, sausage turn overs, salad and my mom's beet, walnut and sour cream dip(tastes so much better than it sounds). For dinner we had turkey which I marinated the night before in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, parsely, cilantro, paprika, salt and pepper. Niel also injected the turkey with gravy. Ahh genius. The turkey was very moist. The injecter was one of the gadgets I picked up from one of the best gadget stores Bath, Bath and Beyond . Happy happy joy joy. The side dishes were corn casserole(came out excellent), mash potatoes with three onions(flavorful), sweet potatoes with marshmellows(they melted) and Niel's mom's stuffing(super yummy!). For dessert I made
pumpkin cake , recipe courtesy of Paula Dean. I think it will totally replace Pumpkin Pie. My mom also brought over her Baklava. Niel loves her Baklava.
Then there was the clean up. Niel's youngest aunt washed the second batch of dishes. I washed one and three. I really do need a dishwasher one day. Today I recleaned the floors with that orange smelling product. Makes the house smell great. And am procrastinating doing laundry. I think we will get to putting up the tree and maybe some other fun stuff. Niel in the meantime helped Kelvin move the last of his stuff to the apt above him mom's house and is playing Xbox with his friend Mike up from VA.

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