Monday, October 27, 2003

The weekend yet again went by too quickly. It was a mixture of work and play. Did my weekly house cleaning on Friday evening while Niel was at scouts. Saturday we went to see Lost In Translation . I had mixed feelings for this movie. I do enjoy quirky movies like The Royal Tennenbaums and like Billy Murray; I ended leaving the theater frustrated. Probably because I am used to films and shows with some type of conclusion and this movie didn't have any. Atleast for me. I also felt like I was watching the private life of Bill Murray. I did enjoy seeing the Japanese culture and scenery. Afterards we ate yummy House Special Lo Mein and the best Crab Rangoon I ever had. It was nice to go on a date. In the evening Niel's mom and brother came over for dinner. It was NOT a good cooking weekend. I just couldn't get anything right. However Niel did make a tasty chocolate bread pudding .

Sunday Niel and his brother went to try to see a friend of theirs who is not going through a great time. While Niel was gone for the afternoon I put laundry away and went through more old magazines. I watched some tv doing this. Happily I caught some Nick and Jessica on MTV. I know it is retarded but I enjoy watching it.

Feisty from Feistyscribe got published. Yay.

Do you know how many actors that Canada has given to the US? Amazing!

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