Monday, October 13, 2003

On Saturday Niel and I went rowing in Central Park . Before hand we picked up some Olive Bread from Amy's . One of the best bakeries if not the best in New York City. Of course I had to get over my nervousness with water and small boats. I didn't mind being still, the moving around part got to me. It was a beautiful day. Plenty of people on the lake and walking around. We saw ducks, two swans, a turtle, and a dog swimming. I am happy the meteorologist predicted incorrectly. The battery in our camera died, so we only have a few pics; . I hope they will be up soon. I really enjoy doing New Yorky things like Central Park, The Bronx Zoo , Central Park Zoo , Queens Zoo , Brooklyn Botanical Gardens , Queens Botanical Gardens , the Halloween Parade , Teddy Roosevelt Estate, Teddy Roosevelt Estate and The Vanderbilt Museum . In the evening my parents came to dinner. I made a grilled marinated meat dish with mushroom gravy and cheesy orzo . For dessert we had a Frozen Key Lime Pie . Afterwards I made a chocolate chip cake for the Troop 327 bake sale. I also added the chicken and dumplings recipe along with the above mentioned in this update (as promised) in my recipes category. Sunday I spent doing chores around the house while Niel was at the bake sale. I prefer doing chores when he is not at home; so when he is we can just have fun hanging out in our apt.

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