Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I added Halloween pictures, updated Fall Festival and Waterloo (thanks Maria) pictures to snapfish. Whoever would like to see them I can email them to you. I also organized my wedding pictures on snapfish. I like it when things are in their places. I feel productive. I have begun to look through all the magazines I have and began to put them in files of what I want to keep and throw away. The articles I keep I will buy files and eventually a new bookcase for.
My new batch of herbs, which have lasted longer than the others are wilting. I think maybe because I have to do more than just water them (infrequently). I have to give them plant food and trim them more often.
I was in the grocery store yesterday and I was discouraged to see a parent yelling at a child and pushing him with her cart. I don't have kids but I thought this was cruel. She probably had a bad day and was impatient with the kid who was just in her line of fire. I see plenty of bratty kids whose parents could have raised them better (like the cousins who were beating one another up at Old Navy), but this kid was doing nothing. I felt really bad for the kid. I really wanted to throw my can of tomato sauce at her.
I read a lot of blogs at work to pass the time (although lately I have been really busy) one trend I have noticed are people complaining about their significant others or the fact that they don't have one and like to complain about others that do. Get over it.
I had left over pork from a tasty roast I made and so I made Pulled Pork with it yesterday. Niel liked it a lot. I preferred the Scalloped Potatoes . The cheese tasted better with the Scalloped potatoes than the French Onion Soup . I am determined to find a recipe for French Onion Soup that I like. I think I will make the pulled pork again because Niel likes it.
A sales person left and her territory was divided between the remaining sales reps. I acquired her restaurants as well as other categories. So far they are coming in weekly to our dining guide. However like most of our clients they are not interested in coming into our special sections. They want to advertise when they want to; which is understandable. I just want to do well. I tend to be a perfectionist and be hard on myself when I am not good at something right away. So I feel badly that the section will not as large as it should be; although my weekly sales are. I did however did well with the political clients I acquired. I am looking forward to seeing Love Actually , Calendar Girls, The Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter . I did not enjoy Matrix 2, so three does not look too appealing. I will probably end up viewing it anyway because of the time I put in seeing the first two Matrix films.

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