Friday, October 24, 2003

The Concorde is no more.
Coming to work this morning was not pleasant. Niel and I got on the train and there was still a seat that wasn't taken. Niel gave it to me after I protested because of his knee. But Niel made me sitdown. We thought the lady next to me was going to get off soon because she kept getting up( or so we thought) and Niel kept trying to sit down. I was glad because Niel could sit down also. Nope she was saving it for her friend and we got angry at her. I yelled at her because she did that at a few stops becuase she forgot which stop her friend was getting on. Her friend supposedly had a bad leg, but she seemed ok getting on. She only hobbled when they were leaving at their stop. I don't think she really had a bad leg. I think they were just rude.

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