Tuesday, September 02, 2003

This weekend was nice. Busy but nice. Niel and my internal clock has been a bit off lately. Friday night we picked up my parents from the airport. Saturday after cleaning and cooking we had dinner with Jennifer and Renzo and then played Taboo. Renzo helped Niel fix the door to his office. A good time was had by all. We were so appreciative. Renzo is very handy. There is still the light in the hallway to fix. But we think the landlord will have to call an electrician. She is just so annoyingly slow with EVERYTHING!!! When she picks up the rent I think we are going to mention that and the sink which is not put in the wall yet and has a slow drip. I can't wait for a house when we don't have to wait for anyone to fix anything.
The next day we went to a Nordic festival in Waterloo Village in New Jersey with Ted & Maria. The festival had merchants, some Nordic food, a replica Nordic village, and story tellers. We were hoping for some Viking fighting but it was fun none the less.
Afterwards we stopped by my parents to pick up our souveniors from their trip to the West Coast.
Monday we took Niel's mom to lunch at Red Lobster. MMMMM I missed those biscuits. We then went back to our place for some Scrabble and Junior's Cheescake.
This morning is a dreary way to start the work day, but I feel pretty good none the less. I love the smell in the air. It is so crisp and Fall like. Time to change the wreathe on the front door.

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