Friday, August 29, 2003

The hubs and I are picking up my parents from the airport tonight.
Niel is walking and feeding Ripley for a few days while his bro is in Atlanta.
Yesterday we thought the hubby's car broke down. However this afternoon the car started. I had a feeling it would be ok today though. He took it in anyway to have it checked out. Better safe than sorry.
I thought my plumming woes were over. I am tired of dealing with it and I am sure a lot of others are tired of hearing about it.
I thought it would be ok till I get my procedure done on the 13th, however Wednesday I started to feel wierd again. Today it is worse. I begged my way into an appt. for the 3rd. The office manager is such a bitch. I really hate to use that word a lot, although I have. She has no bedside manner. The doctor is nice though. I can't wait to get this ordeal behind me. I keep thinking I am being punished for something.
Work has been so harried lately.
I joined Friendster for the second time. The first time my coworker signed me up. I got bored with it and deleted the account. Now almost everyone the hubby and I know are members. So I joined again.
Tomorrow night we are having company over for dinner, my friend Jenn from Gap Kids days and her husband. We haven't seen them for so long. Been very busy. If the car holds up we might take a ride out to Roosevelt Field Mall for a baseball signing.
Sunday the hubby and I, Ted & Maria(friends from college days) are going to a Nordic Fair in New Jersey. I love stuff like that. Niel loves vikings and Nordic stuff. Thanks for inviting us Maria!!
Monday we are going to take my hub's mother to lunch or dinner to celebrate her birthday.
The stupid post office still has not found my package. I think it was a mistake to sign up for Snapfish. Neither of them found it. I don't understand where it could be. The address said snapfish and had a return address on it. I am so frustrated.
Made two more frames. They came out nicely. I think I have now 24 different design. I bought a disposable camer today to take pictures of them so I can put them up on a site. The mosaic pottery is not going well. I will keep on trying.

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