Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Niel and I were watching Wanda Sykes on T.V. a few nights ago and her standup is much funnier than her show. She was talking about being a woman and being married at one point and it was very relatable. Although we are different ages, races and economical points we are still women and people. Her bit about what women think and what she felt like being married was hysterical and relatable. I think comedian's, artists, musicians and writers are gifted. They are able to tap into humanity that I think the rest of us find hard to understand and tap into. I know I find it really hard being on a crowded sardine tin called a train each morning and not go ape shit on someone else who with (sometimes) no fault of their own gets a bit too close. So thanks to Wanda Sykes and all those other gifted people for making regular people feel connected.

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