Monday, September 22, 2003

I love watching the cable television show Dead Like
Me. These past two weeks I especially enjoyed and I
am sad that this coming week’s is the season fnale.
The one two weeks ago was a lesson about kindess how
if you do something nice for someone they will usually
pass it on. One of the reapers got a larger house, so
he gave his old house to two other reapers who were
living in a small, run down apartment.
This week’s episode was about taking the time to know
someone. One reaper Mason finally understood what was
at the core of another reaper Daisy. All she wanted
was to be loved and she never received that before,
nor did anyone understand that.
I also made a yummy Gumbo this weekend. Or as Niel said Yumbo. It came out a lot better than the Meat Roulad I tried. Oh well not everything is going to come out good. Niel and I together made Swedish Pancakes but this recipe was really hard so we ended up improvising and it came out a lot tastier.
I so enjoy cooking, especially for
people who like trying different foods. I especially like to cook for my husband, my parents and our friends Ted & Maria.
When my brother does cook he is very good at it. He has a lot of other gifts such as art(whether it is photography to illustrating) & music(he can play something by just listening to it).

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