Friday, September 19, 2003

I love the smell of new books and magazines. They give me a sense of adventure even though I will not be going anywhere. My imagination is going to take me where the setting of the book will be or what new thing I will learn from reading the magazine. Such as a recipe or an idea for my home.
It also reminds me of the first day of school. I loved shopping for new school supplies and new books. Reading was my favorite subject in elementary school. So anytime I smell any new book it takes me back to that time.
When we first arrived to the U.S. my family lived in Washington Heights and on Saturdays we used to go food and clothing shopping in Westchester. I don't remember the town but there was a huge supermarket with a book store, rows and rows of fruits and veggies and a plant section. My brother and I could safely wonder the store without worry. Our parents let us pick out a few books each and a dessert. We loved to buy either the vanilla and chocolat fudge bars, or the grape and cherry ice's. I couldn't wait to go home and read the latest adventures of Fudge or Ramona while happily eating a fudge bar.
I am happy the weather is getting a bit cooler. Now I can start to make those yummy soup recipes I have seen on the food network. Woo hoo!
Some of the leaves are also changing colors. It is so nice. I had oatmeal with apples for breakfast. It smelled and sort of tasted like Apple pie. That was nice.
I see this homeless woman occasionally in Times Square and sometimes in the subways. She is a short, old, African-American and her clothing is made of garbage bags. I wonder how she became homeless, where her family is and why she is not getting help. She does have her pride left. One time I offered to carry her shopping cart up the stairs and she politely declined. It makes me so sad to see her.

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