Thursday, July 24, 2003

The office manager at my job has control issues. She is lazy and gets away with being mean to people because she hasn't done much with her life. No this isn't just an assumption. She doesn't bother to help people if their phones are broken, or ordering more supplies or taking the newspaper down when the printers come and pick it up. I also think she is bipolar, she has extreme mood swings. One more hour till I go home. Woo hoo. Bored out of my mind. Selling for various supplements. Neck has been bothering me, feels like my head is heavier. Had some yummy Indian food for lunch. I love Indian food. I don't buy lunch out very often but today I did. Sort of feel guilty about it, since I almost always brown bag. Didn't have enough food, so I bought some more. I just have a constant guilt complex about spending or having a little more than others do. I know some people can live their entire lives feeling they are entitled and the less fortunate got that way for some evil reason. I think well who cares how the less fortunate got less fortunate, the point is they are and would being nice buy giving them some change or left over food kill you? I think that is the greater evil..ingoring they exist.
It is very hot today. Yes yes I know it is Summer and it gets this hot. Well I so hate the temperture. I like the laid back less grumpy feel of the city, but I can so do without the humidity and the feeling of sweat rolling down my back. I feel like I have bugs crawling on me. :( Thank Goodness I am able to work and able to work for a building with air conditioning that works.
I made my own breadcrumbs. They came out great! I had some bread that wasn't going to be used up, so I toasted it in the oven(will take less time then using the toaster) and then ground it up in the food processor. Then I stored it in the fridge. I used it twice so far in the eggplant parmesan and also the baked chicken. I just added some dried herbs and adobe for flavoring. Why would I make something that I can buy in the store? Well it is cheaper!!
I was looking online for some mosaic supplies. Wow there is soo much out there. I think I might have to pick up a book and read about it. I wish I had the ability to just be able to do things. All for now...soooooo bored!I could sure use some grape flavored crushed ice right now.

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