Monday, July 28, 2003

I made an Indian dish. It was ok to try but I don't think I would try it again. The texture wasn't appealing enough. It's so depressing at work. I am so bored. Don't get me wrong. I am happy to have a job and benefits. I just wished I enjoyed it. I am bored most of the day. I rather be doing almost anything else. I am sad the weekend went so quickly. Although it was a long trip to Tanger Outlets in Riverhead it was interesting to see what the outlet looked like. I didn't get this Gap skirt I was looking for or curtains but I did get some much needed undergarments and kitchen gadgets. I enjoy kitchen gadgets. The food court was nothing to talk about. It was small and did not offer much. The bathrooms were pretty clean. They had tons of country themed stores in there.We have been to all the outlets in the New York area now and one in Northern VA. I don't really have any favorites. They are all different. The closest one to us definetly is the one in NJ.
I am looking forward to Niel and my trip this weekend. We are going canoeing and hot air ballooning. I have wanted to try both. It is on my mental list of things to do. I hope it turns out well. It was a pain in the neck trying to get the event planned. The coordinator is lazy. I hope the trip itself will be fun.

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