Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All Star Game Menu

Today's post was written by Niel Vuolo of Great Moments in Bad Parenting he also writes weekly recaps of the American Baking Competition for Have U Heard.

Today the New York Mets unveiled its signature menu for this year’s All Star Game which is being played at Citi Field. Since the Mets moved into their new state of the art stadium in 2009 their play on the field has left a lot to be desired. Regardless fans and foodies have flocked to Citi Field for their amazing food choices.

While you can get standard ball park fare like hot dogs, nachos and peanuts. You can also get delicious ribs or pulled pork from Blue Smoke, burgers from Shake Shack, and amazing fries and dipping sauces from Box Frites, among a cornucopia of other options. There have been more hits served up by the all-star culinary team that have been assembled by ARAMARK, the lead concession provider for Citi Field, than by the Mets sometimes shaky bullpen. Citi Field’s Caesar club was set up as a tasting tour of all the amazing things you can eat at the ball park, our hostess Mrs. Met introduced several new dishes.

Best Items:

  • Steak Sandwich – Pat LaFrieda’s: When you eat something and your only reaction is a guttural moan you know it’s good. The thick chunks of Angus steak and grilled onions practically melted in your mouth. On my next visit to Citi Field, the Pat LaFrieda’s stand is the first place I am going to stop.
  • Lobster Roll – Catch of the Day: Served on a soft roll this lobster roll was succulent and decadent but felt so appropriate to be eating at the ball park.
  • Raspberry Cheesecake Doughnuts – Acela Club & Cannoli – Mama’s of Corona: On the surface you would think that the very gourmet doughnuts and a traditional cannoli don’t have much in common, but they do. They were so good, and if I wasn’t so stuffed I would have kept eating them all day long. The cannolis had an amazing crunch and the filling was that perfect mix of sweet and sour. Thanks to the ladies at Mama’s who sent us home with a care package of cannolis and black and white cookies.  

Among the newly introduced items for the All Star game was a new signature dish "The All-Star Meatball Hero", featuring a Pat LaFrieda blend of ground beef, pork and veal and Citi Field executive Chef Robert Flowers’ own meatball recipe with his family’s centuries’ old sweet Italian gravy recipe from Sicily.  It’s all topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella and fried basil and served on a long sesame seed roll. It was hearty and savory; if you were served this at a really nice Italian restaurant you would be very pleased. Unfortunately at this time it is just going to be a limited edition, but as they say in Flushing “Ya Gotta Believe”.

Some of the other succulent dishes were: Pastrami, ravioli, mac and cheese, lamb chops, fries, burgers, sushi, pizza and many other things were available for tasting. In addition to the specialty dishes ARAMARK expects to serve nearly 37,000 hot dogs and 15,000 pounds of French fries during the mid-summer classic.  The Mets last hosted the All-Star game in 1964 in their old home, Shea Stadium.

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