Monday, November 12, 2012

I am starting something a bit new here. Posting pictures of my kids meals because neither of them eat what my husband and I do. My oldest literally only likes ten things. Ok maybe ten groups of things. Meat(especially chicken takes after my husband), fruit(no mango or pineapple), white rice, pasta with butter and parm, sometimes with red sauce,  mac and cheese, broccoli and corn. And my youngest likes nothing but sweets and ice. Yes you read right ice. Sometimes he will eat a tiny bit of something. Other times all of it. Sometimes he makes me scratch my head by eating a bit of egg, beans(all beans), corn(sometimes baby), rice and fish. Thank goodness they both love milk because without it they wouldn't grow. The above meal is very common during lunch(both home and school) or dinner. A bit of pasta cooked in butter and parm, grapes(or some fruit), broccoli or corn, and some kind of meat.

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Jesser said...

This is always such a puzzle to me ... why kids are picky or not. T is an eating machine, will try almost anything and generally likes it. B not so much, but he's not terrible. I know you're like we are and expose them to plenty. But it looks like they're getting all their food groups! I hear there are plenty of kids out there who are pickier still! My friend tells of one kid she knew who would only eat Gogurt and yellow (!!) Froot Loops.