Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am a big fan of Nigella Lawson. So I was quite pleased that the Food Network gave her yet another show, Nigella Kitchen.

Though I don't really consider her a chef or a cook, more of a person that puts together dishes. But I like this fact. I don't consider Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee cooks or chefs either but for me they don't provide a comforting factor like Nigella does. She is so laid back and not fussy.

Nigella Lawson gives me the sense that I can actually make anything and can be as adventurous to be able to make dishes that have many steps because she has great shortcuts that don't cut the flavor.

Paella has been on my list of meals to make for a long time. I don't remember what recipe I attempted to make Paella from nine years ago but it didn't end well. And since then I have been afraid to try to make it again. Until I caught her episode with Paella.

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