Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pico De Gallo
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I was having some friends over and I decided to serve buffet style. I usually don't follow any specific plan for cooking. I just make what sounds good to me. For the meal I broiled and grilled a variety of meats with salads on the side. Sort of healthy.

One of the salads was Pico De Gallo. Found the recipe at Pioneer Woman.

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Of course I would make Bulgogi. I was on a Bulgogi kick all summer. It's Korean BBQ. After finding a premarinated version of it at Trader Joe's I decided to make some myself. Any kind of thin cut meat with bone(for flavor) will work. I marinated the meat with soy sauce, a little sugar, sesame oil, chili oil, garlic and scallion. Then I grilled it up on the old Foreman grill. It was heavenly!

Caprese skewers
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One of the other salads I served was a variation of a Caprese salad. Which I absolutely adore. This version called for tiny bits of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on skewers. And the dipping sauce was home made pesto.

Moroccan Chicken
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Thankfully chicken is a versatile meat because I find it quite boring. Luckily
this recipe
gives it a flavorful kick. Easy to make dish as well.

I cut cup and marinated some pork with oregano(one of my favorite herbs) olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Put them through skewers and grilled them on the Foreman grill. Served it with a side of Tziki. Yum yum.

Berry Cloufouti
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For dessert I served a berry and cherry Cloufouti but I wouldn't call it a claoufuti because it was more dense. Probably because it had flour in it. And Cloufouti is custardy. It was good none the less.


Abby said...

WOW. Wish I lived closer!

Sara said...

yum yum! what a feast! it looks delicious, all of it.

Karine said...

Wow! Such a great buffet! Great job :)