Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who doesn't like food on a stick? Can't think of anyone. Whether it is fruit, appetizers, or shish-k-bob. It's all good. Well I thought all food on a stick would be good. Until I ate the below concoction. It was God awful. What pray tell you may ask is that?
Well I was by St. Mark's Place one afternoon when I passed by a little shop which advertised various goodies on a stick. There was shumai, tofu, beef, fish balls, and pork. Yummy I thought to myself. A little snack. The problem was the place cooks all of it in one pot. The taste is like socks left in a locker room. It was one big sweaty ball of blech. It would have tasted fine if all the pieces were cooked separately. Hopefully they're drinks are better.

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