Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Cheeburger Cheeburger opened up a few neighborhoods from me. It's similar to Johnny Rockets where they serve milk shakes, fries and burgers. They have gimmick where if you eat their one pounder then you will get your photo on the wall and with their plush burger. Niel ate one. And now his photo is up. But I see a lot of people able to eat the one pounder, so not sure how long his photo will be up.

My personal favorites are the sauces that accompany their fry and onion ring basket. I like the Texas Horseradish and Habenero Jelly.

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Jesser said...

Have never heard of this place. I am not a big Johnny Rocket's fan though ... or any place where they sing to you (Eat at Joes!). We have some independent diners here which I like lots.

WTG Niel ... Matt would *love* that challenge. ;)

PS> my scramble word is CHINGLUE ... hahaha