Friday, November 21, 2008

Recently I got the opportunity to try some food from The Crab Place. A Maryland based seafood company. However they are primarily known for their crabs.

I got to sample their crab cakes, marinara sauce with fresh crab meat, tomato corn salsa with fresh crab meat, tartar and cocktail sauces.

I thought it was pretty inventive to add crab meat to marinara and salsa. It gives it a nice tang. I would definitely serve the salsa at parties and as an appetizer.

The crab cakes make a great burger also. Flavorful and moist.

Though I am used to eating seafood and pasta in a cream base; the crab in the marinara sauce was pretty tasty.

I would recommend ordering from The Crab Place especially since the holidays are around the corner. Perhaps a nice crab cake to serve as an appetizer on Thanksgiving. And definitely any of their seafood products for Christmas Eve dinner.

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Carol said...

Mmm. I love crab cakes!