Monday, September 29, 2008

So I had forgotten my lunch, money and my debit cards today. I luckily found some change in my bag to buy a snack. I decided on the healthy route, not for any particular reason at all other than the ingredients on the front of the bag intrigued me. It promised of olives and garlic in a nacho chip. Two of my favorite ingredients. It was the worst nacho chip I have ever had in my life. They were flavorless and left a terrible aftertaste. I asked two of my friends at work to also try it. One agreed with me. The other thought it was alright. The funny thing is the name of company is Foods Should Taste Good. You would think that if you promise that in the name that it would actually deliver. Blech.

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Pam said...

Ha, I actually really enjoy the olive chips. The "everything" chips, though, I find horrid, like a really bad everything bagel.