Friday, March 28, 2008

Found this quiz on Shabby Cheap. I found the results funny. Partly because of the recent Weekend Cookbook Challenge topic of Nigella.

Class act

You're a glamorous Nigella in the kitchen. You like your food and your
cooking to be sensuous. As far as you're concerned, eating should be
all about slurping and unbridled pleasure. In the kitchen, you're mildly
disorganized and you like it that way. So, pour yourself a martini and
get into that pinny. You know you look sexy in it.

I recently read that the Rachael Ray show is no more. I like the idea of quick meals because frankly modern life is one big race after another, but after a while I stopped being a fan of hers. Well at least she still has her Food Network shows, magazine, books and line of cookware/cutlery to fall back on.


Christina said...

I'm Jamie Oliver! And really, the description fits me to a T!

"You've picked up your cooking style from Jamie Oliver. It's crash, bang, wallop when you're in the kitchen. You're an inspired cook and you're not afraid to throw flavours together. You've got a hands-on approach and rule out anything too fiddly. For you, it's all about man-size appliances, whopping great portions and big flavours. But remember, size isn't everything."

Anonymous said...

Oh the luck! I dreamed to be the Foxy Nigella. :-)