Friday, January 25, 2008

Since the New York Times's published their recent article about high levels of mercury being found in sushi tuna, the food and health industry has been up in arms. I've been hearing and reading a variety of reports on the topic. On the Today Show this morning Dr. Raj though said people who eat 30 or more pieces of tuna, mackerel, swordfish, tile fish and shark are at risk, and especially if you are thinking of becoming pregnant, are pregnant and/or nursing. And cooking any of those fish does not decrease the levels of Mercury. Fish with low levels are mercury are salmon, flounder and sardines. So unless you are in the above four categories not too worry because fish in general is recommended by doctors and dietitians to be in everyone's diets at least for two meals weekly. Of course that's not to say that people haven't gotten sick by eating raw fish, but that's a whole other topic. It is however rare and you should go to a Japanese restaurant you trust.

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