Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I had always thought there was one kind of Kiwi, the tart green kind. And I love them.

Last weekend we went to visit my parents and for dessert as usual my mom brought out fruit. She had Kiwi as well as some other fruit.

The outside looked like a regular Kiwi. This is where I think my mom got mixed up as well. But the inside was yellow. We both thought it was just overly ripe.

Nope, apparently there are also Gold Kiwi's. They are much sweeter. And I'm not a fan.


Gold Kiwi


Jesser said...

Never seen those, but they are clearly the wrong color ... green for always, green forever. ;)

Linda Rae said...

i never had the gold either but i don't like sweet so it's green for me too!

Shannon said...

I have never seen those before... I wonder if Lore would like them...