Monday, August 13, 2007

I love Dolma. It's one of my favorite Armenian dishes. Dolma is meat or grains stuffed in vegetables or grape leaves. My family's favorite way of eating it is with stuffed grape leaves. My mother actually serves it two ways both hot and cold. The hot she serves with meat and yogurt on top to cut out the heaviness and give extra flavor. Niel enjoys it this way. The cold Dolma, (my favorite) is stuffed with grains, garlic, mint, and lemon.

It takes a long time to make. So I was pretty happy to see that I could purchase the cold Dolma in a can. I was a little hesitant at first but it tastes pretty good. Now I just have to learn to make the hot kind for Niel.


Anoushig said...

So the ones in the cans aren't bad? I have always been too scared to try them, although I will buy premade cold dolma that seem to be made relatively recently (the ones at Trader Joe's aren't too bad...). I prefer the hot meat ones, myself.

Jesser said...

This looks very interesting and yummy.