Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. This weekend I participated in Shannon's bloggy photo days. She is mastermind behind bloggy photo days. It made my weekend of errands and chores a lot of fun. Niel went camping, got badly sunburned but still had a great time. Below is a collage of the pictures I took. All the other pics are up at my flickr site. It was fun seeing what my friends were doing the same time as I was. Well about the same time. Thanks again to Shannon for the idea and to everyone that participated.

After Niel got home and rested. We watched Accepted and had burgers stuffed with Portabella mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Both were good! For some reason after not watching South Park for eight years. I find the show really funny again.

Since its Summer and most folks will be grilling more often I thought I'd share an article I found on how to make grilling safer.


Yvett said...

I took ONE picture Saturday morning. Then I got busy and I forgot about the rest until late at night.

Thanks for that grilling article! We grill soooooooo much. Those are some good tips.

Jesser said...

PBD was such fun! I enjoyed your photos thoroughly. :)

Lisa said...

"Ask Me About My Weiner" ~ LOL