Monday, June 18, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Friday after work I went to see Niel play for his company's softball team. He's been on the team for three seasons now and enjoys it. Every spring I go see some of his games. Friday's game had to be forfeited because the other team showed up late and the umpire left. But the two teams played anyway. Niel's company won. Afterwards we went to pick up some of his work clothes from his office, drop off his softball equipment and get something to eat. We had dessert twice. For dessert we normally eat seasonal fruits, but when we passed by Choux Factory, I knew I had to try a cream puff. Like most cream puffs I assumed the taste would come once I got to the cream part. But the pastry was very flaky and had a hint of cinnamon. Delicious. We were wondering where Gudt Food was when I spotted it across the street. We'd been meaning to go there for a while now. They sell healthy versions of hot dogs, vegetarian and seafood. We ordered the champion dog and the chili cheese dog meals. The food was really good and moderately priced. We also picked up some authentic New Orleans style beignetes (which were dessert #2). So delicous. We made our way home and fell asleep on the couches around 9. Yes we sure do know how to party. LOL.

Niel and I thought Saturday would be low key and just for resting, but the weather was really lovely so we went to Governor's Island. It was an inexpensive outing. Only the cost of the subway ride. There is no admission fee for the ferry or the island, which is shaped like an ice cream cone.
It was lovely, but also eerie because we're basically walking around an abandoned town. Most of the buildings we couldn't walk into, but the ones we could were huge. There was even a band that entertained folks who were tired of walking around its 90 acres. Niel mentioned the band leader Jim Vavino is also a guitarist for the Max Weinberg band. Niel smartly packed some granola for us to munch on. It was PB & J granola. Very tasty. One part of the island with the original buildings is the historic area. There is another which has apartments built in the 60's is dilapidated and the city hopes to turn it into a park. Hopefully a nice park like Central park and not a water park. The historic part will also house a school. I am worried the historic section could get defaced. After we came back to Manhattan we walked around the Southstreet Seaport for a bit. Wow was it packed. They had a trampoline contraption for kids in the food court. And John Lithgow was singing in the rain. Yes it rained and poor Niel got soaked. In the evening we had dinner with Niel's mom at the new mall. I've said it before the mall's Amish Market is fantastic.

Sunday Niel and I went to my parents for a BBQ. Afterwards all of us went bowling. That was a lot of fun. Niel won both rounds and he even got a turkey. Niel and I then came home and watched Epic Movie. Blech.


Yvett said...

"Yes we sure do know how to party"

Too funny!

Mike said...

Isn't governors island also where there was a famous psychiatric hospital?

Visiting abandoned places can be kind of cool. There is a guy on Flckr that does these photo shoots out west at all these hotels and other types of buildings that were built and abandoned in the 60's and 70's. Very cool, and a little creepy. His name on Flickr is Lost America. He also has a really cool book that Rachel bought me for my birthday. I don't know how the guy does it, it creeps me out big time.