Monday, May 07, 2007

Wasn't the weather this weekend lovely? Hope it was for you as well. Sunny but not overly warm.

Saturday morning I used Ina Garten's pancake/waffle mix to make some waffles. They came out well. Niel taped Strangers With Candy on cable, so we watched that. I'm a fan of Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert, but the movie could have been better.

Mid afternoon I went to a bridal shower, for a wedding we're attending in July and Niel is a part of. Everything was done well. Designed in the bride's colors of purple and green. The food was delicious. There was two different kinds of quiche, salmon and cream cheese on mini bagels, assortment of cheeses, pigs in a blanket, mini crab purses, a variety of soda and teas, finger sandwiches, coconut shrimp, bbq chicken, breaded chicken, potato salad, cookies, petite fours, and biscotti. Pretty much all of my favorites. I wish I ate more of it. LOL. The bride to be received some thoughtful and funny gifts. The favor was cute too. Little green teacups with purple tealight candles. Niel spent his afternoon going to the golf range and to Home Depot to pick up some new ceiling tiles. We have a drop ceiling in the living and bedrooms. He did a good job replacing them. Niel also showed me some cool comic books he purchased, since it was National Comic Book Day. Most were Battlestar Galactica. Heh heh.

Sunday we went to a local park where there was a Cinco De May festival. It was so crowded! The lines for food and stuff were so long. But it was such a gorgeous day, we expected it. Niel and I ate empanadas. The dough was nice, but the filling could have been tastier. We have tried better. Luckily it cost only $2 total. We also got some errands done and cleaning throughout the weekend.

On my lunch hour sometime during the work week I found some cute inexpensive tops for work & dressy occasions to wear during the warmer months. I'm unlucky with finding tops very easily so I was happy with my purchases. Plus the sleeves are puffed. Like Anne of Green Gables I love puffed sleeves.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader is getting all new children. Darn, no more Kyle.

The weather has been improving everyday, so on our less busy days my coworkers and I have lunch in the park together or just out to lunch instead of at our desks. It's been fun.

Thursdays night's episode of The Office had me laughing the entire way through. Normally it makes me smile or has me aching for Jam, but this time I couldn't stop laughing.

Niel purchased for me Tori Amos's latest album, American Girl Posse. I really like Big Wheel. Thanks again honey.

I noticed that the current JC Penny's commercial for Mothers Day is playing a cover of Yaz's Only You. The original is better.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard by now, but Gilmore Girls is not coming back. Next Tuesday is the last episode. I feel like so much is unresolved. I am going to miss that little town.


Shannon said...

Because of your glowing reviews of the Office I started watching it this year and I love it. This week's episode was SUCH a riot! I was laughing so hard. So thanks to you!

Jesser said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend. I wanted to go to the Cinco De Mayo festival here in Denver ... it's supposed to be the largest in the country, but we were in San Fran ... maybe next year!!

Yvett said...

All the food for the bridal shower sounds delicious!
I read about Gilmore Girls and thought about you and Jess. Sorry. I never saw it but I felt bad because I know you two like it.
Yeah, I've heard that JCPenny's commercial. There's also a new birth control pill that's called Yaz. I thought it was funny and I start singing "Situation" when that commercial comes out.

Lisa said...

I am so so sorry about Gilmore Girls. I think if it was going to be the end then they should have p lanned it better this season. Lorelai could have gotten married to Luke, Rory could have gotten married, or alteast planned a wedding. So many unanswered questions!