Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Maybe some of you know of the site Organizing Junkie already but besides having super organizing tips, you can also find crock pot recipes.

Although I think I am pretty organized this site showed me some tips for improving. So right now Niel and I are now doing ALOT of purging and reorganizing. But for the entire apartment. It won't be a one day project, but an ongoing one.

I have binders for everything and I plan out our meals weekly. There are still ways I could do better though. Such as the cabinet in my bathroom. Need little containers for all the cleaning products I store there.

I will also need to go through my cookbooks and see what I want to keep and others I will ebay.

I went through my magazines and tore out the recipes and tips I want to keep and put them in binders. There are a few magazines I won't toss and once I clear some shelf space I will put them in holders.

Going to organize a notebook of all the places we want to see and what we want to see instead of saving the brochures.

Now that I have a copy of Everyday Foods cook book I am going to go through the magazines and see which I want to keep and other's donate.

I need to also make a list of my books. I will decide what I want to ebay and the rest will keep for sentimental value.

Don't have many people that live very close to us anymore so we don't entertain large crowds at once. This means I have to give away stuff I have never really used. But it will clear up a lot of closet space.

Another site for more crock pot recipes is Family Corner. She posts them on Thursdays. The rest of the blog is neat too. Interesting facts about various destinations.

Today is free cone day at select Ben and Jerry locations.


Jesser said...

Organizing ... ugh! I need to do that so badly. Just thinking about all the messy corners in our house overwhelms me ... baby steps I guess!

Yvett said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that link.