Monday, April 30, 2007

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here in NYC the rain finally stopped on Saturday and it was relatively sunny throughout Sunday. So we took advantage of the nice weather. Friday after work I went grocery shopping, Niel picked me up and he went to a scout meeting. Saturday I felt like we were tourists because of the places we went. First we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the cherry blossoms. It was opening weekend. They were gorgeous as were the tulips. Niel and I had fun walking around people watching. There were a lot of folks dressed in Anime costumes. The gardens also had various musical and dancing shows. We didn't get to see any of that because it was crowded, being opening weekend and all. I heard a cop on his cell phone complain about how it was so crowded. I though it was funny since his beat was to stand around in a lovely park on a nice day and try to help people. I mean he could have gotten a much worse assignment. People just love to complain I guess. Afterwards we went to get hot sandwiches at Ninos, an Italian eatery Niel used to frequent when he worked in the area. We've been there a couple of times before. They have great bread, sauce and service!! We had dessert at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Company. Stephanie mentioned she went and I thought to myself "Well Niel and I have never gone, we should!" So off we went. We noticed there was a long line for a pizzeria up the block so we have to go back and see what the fuss is about at another time. There was a line for the ice cream too but not much. We walked around the dock looking at all the wedding parties(four total) and once Christening taking photos underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Then we finished off the day by going to Fairway in Red Hook. Jennifer had given us a gift certificate so we decided to use it that day. Thanks again Jenn. The place is pretty big. Niel scored by getting his favorite sport drink on sale. We then came home and collapsed the rest of the night. Niel watched the game in the bedroom and I caught up on my taped shows in the living room.

Sunday we went to a kite festival for a little bit at a park nearby. I thought this was going to be Saturdays acitivty but I got the date wrong. But then Niel suggested the Botanical gardens. The park gives out generic kites and the kids color them and try to get them to fly. It was funny to see little kids running around and trying to get their kites up. After wards we went to my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday. And can't believe have to get back to work. Felt like it was just Friday and I was leaving the office. Pics by Niel here.

The rest of the week's posts will be about breakfast.

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Yvett said...

You always have fun weekends. I was laughing when I read about that cop complaining. You'd think he'd rather be there than somewhere dangereous. LOL!