Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Niel like a majority of Americans do every first Sunday in February watched very large men tackle one another, of course I am referring to the Superbowl. This year's Superbowl was very cool. I'm not much of a sports person but I thought both coaches were deserving. Niel's brother Mike and their friend Kelvin also came by to watch with him. They had a good time. Kelvin brought wings and I had made pigs in a blanket. While I was assembling them I noticed that one of the Little Polska's(the kind I use) was much tinier then usual. Mini franks are small to begin with but this was the smallest I had ever come across. Then I found a round one! But I still wrapped them in crescent rolls and baked them. Still tasted good!

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Jesser said...

It was a pretty good game. Not a real nail-biter, but close enough to be interesting still!! We worked on projects while we watched ... stained the end table and wrote thank-you notes. Plus, the superbowl is great cuz you get to eat such great food!! Nachos at our house ... though now I'm kinda craving pigs in a blanket. I am way too suggestable right now (is that a word?).