Monday, February 12, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. My doctor said my damn asthma is standing in the way of my cold going away. So I got some special meds for that. Poor Niel got my cold though, but with a little rest and medication he was feeling a little better to join the scouts on Saturday. Plus do the grocery shopping. Friday night we watched Running With Scissors. Niel and I both agreed we thought the film would be quirky like the Royal Tennenbaums or Little Miss Sunshine. But wow the people in the film are really disturbed. And its a true story! Poor Augusten Boroughs. By the way I think that is a cool name. Saturdy I cleaned and organized. I also watched Ugly Betty and Nanny McPhee. I DVR'd Ugly Betty because its on the same time as The Office. I was so pissed at the bully's mother on Ugly Betty. How dare she pass on her negativity to her son. And then had the nerve to defend his behavior. Nanny McPhee I enjoyed. It was magical. When Niel returned Sunday morning we caught up with Best Week Ever, Battle Star Galactica and Pysch. Looking forward to Heros tonight. I've also gotten back into the George Lopez show and According To Jim.

I was happy Gnarls Barkley, Wolf Mother, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Dixie Chicks all won Grammys.

I also cooked most of our dinners for the week. Sunday for lunch I made veggie panini's and Wisconsin Cheddar Beer Soup(still on my beer in food kick), for dinner we ate Turkey Meatloaf with Red Pepper Sauce & Hidden Mozzarella Treasures, with mashed potatoes, salad and apple crips for dessert. I am always looking for a good meatloaf recipe. I have tried several different recipes and I like this one the best. It was moist and flavorful. Plus the suprise in the middle was neat. Heh heh. For the rest of the week we have the options of eating Moussaka(another dish I am always looking for a good recipe for), Penne Ala Vodka, zuchinni, dill and feta fritters(moms recipe), and Chicken Tagine with Lemon and Olives. I also had left over ground turkey which I cooked with garlic, onions and scallions and will eat with soft tacos as well as some chicken patties. My new favorite site for recipes.

Please read and sign your name to this petition disagreeing with Bush who is trying to cut funding to PBS and NPR. For shame! To be fair to politicians acting poorly on both sides, why does Nancy Pelosi need a jet?

The Japanese have done it again. Built another neat robot. This one helps to shovel snow.


Mike said...

They could use some of those robots in Oswego ;-).

We just Running with Scissors from Netflix. Haven't watched it yet.

I didn't realize Wolfmother won a Grammy. That's an encouraging sign.

Jesser said...

Glad you got the cold thing figured out. Asthma is the pits. GFY on all the cooking. We were so bad about that last week and the bills show it. :P I have lotsa nice stuff to cook this week and I'm determined to find the energy to do it!! It's not only cheaper, but much healthier.

Love the snow-shoveling bot. Denver has apparently rented some huge piece of equipment that melts snow ... I'm going to blog about it on ... Wednesday prolly. I'd love to go to Japan someday. Vending machines and quirky inventions and cool craft books!! Ahh, someday.

Yvett said...

That new robot is neat. I wouldn't need one here but it sure is cute.

If you haven't read Running With Scissors, I recommend that you do. The book is a million times more disturbing than the movie. I wish I would've seen the movie before I read it, because I was a little disappointed. Then again, that usually happens.