Monday, February 19, 2007

Hope everyone had a nice weekend or is still having one. Although it's Presidents day I am at work. It's a floating holiday for me so I can take the day at another time.

The weekend was very nice even with cold weather and howling winds. I could hear the wind over our white noise machine. It's not really a machine. Niel found some white noise online and put it on my ipod. It helps us sleep. We ran some errands, ate at a new place, Soup and Burgers. Good food and service. Entertained friends on Sunday. It was great to see them. They are nice people. Our friend's daughter is so cute. With kids you never need any other kind of entertainment because they are just fun to be around. She is so smart its scary, very cute and good manners. And she's not even three yet. Our friends did a good job. We served Shannon's sausage ring(mine was not as pretty as Shannon's), stuffed pepperoni pie, salad, and some vanilla cupcakes. They brought some yummy desserts, Babka and Napoleon. Niel was home on Monday and hung out with Kelvin who also had the day off. I am happy they are able to see each other more since Kelvin won't be living too far away now. I hope it stays that way.

A photo of how you can can find one or both of us most evenings, on one of the couches passed out.

Niel Photo.


Jesser said...

Glad you had a nice weekend! I'm at work too, though I'm planning to leave around 11 or 12 and take a half day. Matt has the day off so I want to go home and take him to lunch.

Shannon said...

sounds like a nice weekend... I keep forgetting to get the stuff to make that sausage ring... plus i need a pizza stone lol... but yours still looks yummy!