Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday evening I fell asleep way too early again. Why does that keep happening? I am out by 9. I have to force myself to stay awake sometimes. Saturday we only did laundry and Niel went to get a tune up for the car. I made some chicken stock and pesto while he was out. I find home made pesto so much tastier. He came home with some beautiful tulips for me. He's a sweetie. We laid low the rest of the day because in the evening we drove to Philadelphia to help some Kelvin & Shawnda move. Their new town and place is great. We're very happy for them. One of their two cats plays catch. I have never seen a cat do that! Plus I got to go to a Wawa. Niel thinks we have been to one before but I don't remember going to one that large. Their version of McDonald's pancake breakfast sandwhich was quite good.

Sunday afternoon we went over to my parents because my brother Jakop and his girlfriend Christine had come over to cook Indian for everyone. Damn they can cook well! They invited Niel's mom too. Which I thought was very nice. They made Chicken Tikka Masala, goat curry, Naan, Roti, Chana Masala and Cauliflower Gobi. Niel and I brought over the same Napoleon pastry our friends Jennifer and Renzo had brought over to our place last Sunday. It was a big hit. We were glade. After we dropped off my mother in law, brother and Christine at their places, Niel and I we went home and napped for a bit then watched the Oscars while occasionally looking out the window at the snow. Not too bad. I didn't win my office's pool. I tied for third with four other people. LOL. Now the weekend is over crap.

Onto some random stuff. I forgot to mention last Monday the sink had to be replaced because the spray broke and flooded the cabinet below.

My DVR decided to erase all of our taped shows (although we only had four half an hour taped shows) and retaped shows we had deleted in December. Scary.

Every time I buy a new soap dispenser it doesn't work. This is the third time now. Niel finally figured why. You have to run water through the pump. I feel so stupid.

You all have probably heard by now but a four legged duck was born in Britian. Glad he is going to be alright.

Japan has created a robot that can detect fire. Hmmmmm.

New Mexico is going to install talking urinal cakes in bathrooms warning about drunk driving. Am I a bad person for thinking this is funny?

I decided that I really enjoy Soduku!

I found this neat site while searching for something I was outbid on ebay. Why does that always happen? Anyway the site has some beautiful recycled items. A little pricey for my cheap butt, but I will look out for sales.


Mike said...

I hadn't heard about the 4 legged duck, but I saw a picture of a chicken that was born with webbed feet like a duck. I think it was born in Central or South America. Very strange.

Jesser said...

Ooh that food looks good. We've been meaning to try this Indian restaurant by us called Yak & Yeti. Maybe we'll have to do that tonight. Perhaps if we get them to make it hot enough she'll decide to show up.

Glad you had such a nice weekend!! I should send you a hand-held soduku game I got for xmas. My SIL got it for me, but I already have Soduku on my gameboy. Next time I send a package, it be yours if you like. Lurve the soduku!!

Christina said...

Hmmm, the Indian food sounds fantastic! Glad you had a nice weekend!