Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thanks for the well wishes! Hope your weekends were better. The post will be a little long and a little gross. Warning!

Friday was a miserable day. I caught whatever nasty bug poor Niel, my brother, his girlfriend, and a few of our coworkers had. I went to meet a client in the morning and felt fine. I got to the office around 1. I wasn't hungry but since I hadn't eaten since 7 I thought I should have something. So I got a fried Tofu Udon(Japanese soup). I told my friend Stephanie I was feeling funny. She suggested I should have toast instead. I so should have listened. The soup was my last meal for the rest of the day. And the thought of food the rest of the day was vile. I kept running to go to the bathroom. I had a bad case of.... well you know. Then nausea started to set in a bit after. Niel knows really well that intense nausea for me is the worst. I can't cope with it. I hate the feeling. I couldn't get comfortable in my chair. Then I get up to walk to the kitchen for some water. I didn't make it. I ended going into production and using one of their trash bins to throw up in. They were all very nice about it. Felt bad for whomever had to clean it up. Cause I sure forgot to. One of the designers ran to get me a trash can cause first he thought I had passed out, then he heard the barfing sounds and didn't know if I had a trash bin. Another designer ran to get me water. A sales person went to get me wet towels. One of my bosses got me a soda. Everyone was very nice. I threw up one more time. And then lay on the floor a mumbling Our office manager gave me plastic bags for the cab ride home. I immediately threw up in there too. Thanks goodness for those bags. I continued to either throw up or use the bathroom till 11 that night. After each upchuck I became very thirsty. Water and Ginger Ale never tasted so good.

Friday I stayed home and caught up on sleep. I couldn't sleep well the night before. Niel worked from home. He was a little sore from his own ordeal. I was a little sore Friday myself, but I wasn't up much. I need the rest. The few hours I was awake I drank water, had a tiny bit of rice and a toad in the hole and sat on the couch catching up on TV. Thank you DVR. Honestly I really didn't eat much the entire weekend. My eating and sleeping habits were out of wack. I didn't go to the bathroom normally till Saturday.

Saturday was a unnaturally beautiful day in NY and I believe most of the East Coast. I was feeling a little better so we went to the beach. Man it was unsurprisingly packed. But we walked around, Niel dipped his feet in the water and we met a two dogs. A two month old puppy named Bombay and his older "brother" Joey. I believe their owner said they were a mix of black Lab and New Zealand Maremmas. Man was that puppy ADORABLE!!! He just loved Niel. Nipping at his ankles. I think it was the salt water. LOL. Bombay the puppy came bounding towards us and then his much larger full grown brother wanted some attention and bounded toward us too. It was funny! I wish I didn't have allergies. I love animals.

Sunday there was light errand running, cleaning and laundry to be done. Now back to work.


Mike said...

Yikes, I hope whatever illness that is stays up there in NY. Glad you are feeling better.

Jesser said...

Ugh!! So sorry you weren't feeling well. That's the pits. At least it didn't seem to last too long. Hope you got your fair share of cruddy TV and good ol' fashioned sympathy!!!

Jessica said...

Glad you feel better too! Its terrible to get sick at work and trying to get home. Puppies are the best :)