Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Secret Life Of, on the Food Network is a program about the history of various types of food or food related items. Over the holidays they had one specifically for Christmas. One of the topics was cookie stamps/molds. Originally wood was used to create beautiful and intricate designs on cookies. No one knows where the idea for molds originated. Later on cookie cutters took over the role of dressing up cookies. Cookie presses, rolls and stenciling are all other options for having sprucing up cookies. But you can still find wooden molds (which are pricier), or purchase its cheaper varieties of clay and Resin. Italians also have a method for decorating cookies using an waffle iron. These cookies are called Pizzelle. I found a Pizelle, Christmas and Easter cookie mold set a long time ago to add to my cookie cutter set. I recently found a few website you can purchase them. I think the molds are a nice addition to a cookie cutter collection and of course helps to make cookies pretty in addition to being tasty.


Jessica said...

I saw that the new season of The Secret Life Of is getting a new host. I wonder where the other guy is? That is a really great cookie mold!

Yvett said...

I saw some beautiful Chinese mooncake molds on Ebay a while ago. I wanted to buy them but I doubt I would've used them. They were too pretty.