Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a great one. Niel and I ate good food, sat at beautiful tables, spent time with friends and family, dealt with dessert disasters, labeling snafus, and a few adult children, saw some movies:The Ringer(Edward Barbanell stole the movie) and My Super Ex Girlfriend(the only saving grace was Rainn Wilson) and watched a new version of an old TV show. And I found a fab dress at a disgustingly great sale. We're keeping our tree and decorations up till the weekend of January 5 which is Three Kings Day and Armenian Christmas. Just to squeak in a few more weeks of the holiday.

But I also received some sad news. A coworker of mine passed away over the weekend. I got the call on Christmas day. Helen was a wonderful lady. Referring to her in past tense is hard. Not to see her face everyday, listening to her stories and gossip, being offered something sweet is terrible. She was the cornerstone for her family and our office. My office is attending funeral today. Helen will never be forgotten and forever missed.

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Jesser said...

Glad you had such a nice Christmas! So sorry to hear about your coworker. That is just tough.