Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time magazine's recent issue is all about the best inventions of 2006. They voted You Tube as the best invention. And although I agree You Tube is pretty awesome I have to say that there are a few other inventions which I thought were even cooler.

A Kinder way to Kill Lobsters:
I do love a good lobster basked in a garlic butter blend but I don't like the way the lobster is killed. Recently a lawyer from England thought of a new way to kill the lobster without it being in a lot of pain. I'm not any means vegetarian or a vegan but I do think we should put thought into how our food comes from the farm to the supermarket. It's kinder, safer and healthier.

Super Water:
This is my favorite invention because not only with this machine clean your produce very well, but it also comes in a spray form that you can use to clean your countertops, bathroom and non wood floors. No more unfriendly environmental products to use!

A vaccine that can possibly prevent Cervical Cancer:
Now we know that Cervical cancer is caused by a virus, scientists have now come up with a vaccine to give to pre-pubescent girls in the hopes that it will prevent Cervical cancer. Amazing.

Helping Stroke Victims Gain Movement:
Much of the time stroke victims will lose strength and sensation in one arm. They now can be helped with this special robotic suit that assists the victim gain strength in their weak arm with their strong one.

Bringing Water to the Waterless:
This one blows my mind. I'm afraid for our natural resources and this invention puts my mind to ease about our greatest one, water. The Rainmaker is a water harvesting machine that can produce 500 gallons of water out of thin air.

Saving Limbs:
There have been so many accidents and fatalities of lost limbs and lives working with power tools. A new machine helps to prevent this because it comes with sensors which tell the difference between flesh and wood.

A Lifeline for Firefighters:
Firefighters save lives and now the FDNY(Fire Department of New York) has invented a a fire proof speed control harness that will hopefully prevent our bravest from dying if they are ever caught in a burning building.

Robots that help wounded soldiers in the field:
Developed by the military the The Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR), has arms that can support soldiers up to 400 lbs. It can climb hills, balance and maneuver all sorts of ways.

It is wonderful what people can come up with to help better the world. It is very exciting. Which inventions do you like?


Jesser said...

That's a lotta cool stuff on there. I love futuristic stuff like that (altho, I guess technically it's not futuristic). There's lots of neat stuff on there. That table saw with the flesh detection is pretty cool. I loved the MooBella one too ... though I want it for my own home, not as a kiosk. ;)

tammy said...

Wow! That water purifier/bacteria killer thingie is COOL! I love the idea of not spraying chemicals all over the kitchen to clean it.

foodiechickie said...

It still pretty futeristic Jess.

Isn't it all exciting Tammy!

Anonymous said...

I agree...while You Tube is neat, there are better, more useful inventions out there this year.

Regarding the killing of lobsters...when I worked at a country club, the chef would kill the lobsters by using a large, sharp chef's knife. He somehow stuck it in one of the shell joins in or near the back of the head. He said that not only did it kill it quickly, but it gave another outlet for steam to escape so that that lobster didn't "scream" as loud (they don't scream while's just steam escaping).

foodiechickie said...

I also heard some chef's freeze the lobster before boiling it Christina. Supposedly they just sleep but I wonder if they get hypothermia(sp?).