Monday, November 27, 2006

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving and weekends were nice. I really enjoy Halloween and Christmas but I'd have to agree with Niel that Thanksgiving is really underrated. It was great having extra days to be home, enjoy delicious and in some cases grossly oversized meals, have a successful Christmas shopping outing. Yes we attempted Black Friday this year, although we didn't mean to. Got to spend time with family and friends. It was great.

I have a gazillion vacation days and I took Wednesday off to cook and clean because we always host Thanksgiving and its easier to have an extra day. It was a small group, my parents, my brother and Niel's mom. We appreciated everyone who was able to make it. After a small snafu with my brother showing up at the wrong house we got dinner started. Niel and I served Turkey, corn pudding, salad, cranberry sauce, broccoli rab, gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and a pumpkin pie. Niel had also brought apple pie, cherry pie and a carrot cake. My mom brought over a beet dip, feta and cottage cheese phyllo rolls, flan, Baklava and a cute plant with a turkey shaped pot. Niel's mom brought over her stuffing and a pumpkin pie. We had a nice dessert selection this year. We ate, and some of us fell asleep on the couch. Before I forget our Turkey had a third leg. We were pretty grossed out.

A little while later Kelvin and Shawnda stopped by and watched the Gameshow Network with us. It was nice to see them. I know its especially nice for Niel since they don't live so close.

Friday I had a quick appointment in the morning then met my mom to show her the new mall. It's right by her but she has never been. So we walked around for a bit had lunch at Johnny Rockets and then went to get some work done for my grandmother's grave stone. I told her a Trader Joe's is opening up in her neighborhood. We're all glad about that. I then went home to get ready because in the evening Niel and I took out my parents for their anniversary. Niel got home from planting bulbs with the scouts, took a quick shower and we were on our way to enjoy some seafood.

Saturday deserves a post of its own so tomorrow I am going to tell you about ingesting a grossly insane amount of food in one sitting.

Sunday Niel went over to Kelvin's and they made a computer together. I went grocery shopping and made some stock. I know Niel was appreciative to have a new one but the poor guy came home sick with a bad headache and threw up. He still has a bit of a headache today but still went in to work. I hope he feels better soon. Pictures here.


Jesser said...

yikes! what a feast!! our thanksgiving this year was sort of anti-climatic since due to a scheduling conflict we missed our traditional 2nd half of the day karaoke party with our friends ... but otherwise, it was just lovely. hope neil feels better!

Mike said...

I love the post turkey naps. Some blame it on the triptophan (sp?, I think Im just lazy ;-). Sounds like you have a nice holiday.

foodiechickie said...

Thank you Jess. You know it didn't even seem like a insane amount of food but I guess it was! LOL! But we gave most to our families to take home. And froze any left overs for nights we don't feel like cooking. Your Thanksgiving did seem lovely:)

It was pretty nice Mike.I think its anytime we overeat the blood goes to our stomachs and we feel sleepy.

Anonymous said...

What is broccoli rob?

Feel better Niel!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you Shannon.

Hah I spelled it wrong! It's spelled Broccoli Rabe. It's a plant sort of like collareds. It's used mostly in Italian cooking. Here's a link to a better explanation.