Monday, November 13, 2006

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. One of the two days the weather was very nice. Saturday Niel and I did some veg shopping at a farmers market then took a nice walk around the park. In the evening we went over to the new mall by us because they were having a holiday party. They had decorated the mall with a Christmas theme and were giving out free Starbucks, had Niel's former high school's cheerleaders and new marching band perform, as well as had Aaron Neville sing. I don't know why they had the holiday party before the Thanksgiving party which is this coming Saturday, but I guess they could only get Mr. Neville for November 12. Anyway I've mentioned the new mall before. It's called The Atlas and is very nice. It's an outdoor one and although is mostly upscale they have a lot of community activities. Two weeks ago they had a Halloween trick or treating event for the kids. I know the purpose of the activities is to get more people to shop there, but I think the extras are nice. So we wandered around the newly opened Borders and a few of the other stores, then left. It was getting too crowded to hear Aaron Neville sing. Though I did find that one of the stores sold The Barefoot Contessa's baked goods.

Did you all watch The Office? Wasn't it fab? And its only going to get better. Oh the tension.

Niel also got to see Kelvin who dropped by a Scouting event on Sunday.

I also enjoyed watching all the Thanksgiving shows the Food Network was airing. I feel a bit more prepared than I did a few weeks ago. Things have been crazy and I have not enjoyed the holidays(from October on) as much as I normally do. We also taped Iron Chef. Niel used to be really into it then got bored with it, but last night they had on two of his favorite chefs: Gia De Laurentis and Rachael Ray. I think he likes them not so much for their recipes but because he thinks they are cute.

Song Stuck In My Head: Tchaikovsky's Toy Soldiers


Jesser said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend. I'm bummed I missed Rachael Ray on Iron Chef ... that would have been fun. I totally missed out on TV this weekend. When I went to bed last night, Matt was watching a Good Eats ep all about frying turkeys. Yum.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks. Heh heh. I am sure that episode of Iron Chef will be on a million times.

Someday we hope to invest in a turkey frier.