Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I saw some really neat bag of chips at Target(where else) that would be cute for Halloween. It's only two weeks away. So to make things easier for you in case you are having a Halloween party I decided to share what else caught my eye for the holiday:

Here is a link also to some ghoulish recipes the Food Network has on their site in case you're stumped as what else to serve.

I also saw adorable Halloween shaped pasta from the Pasta Shoppe at my supermarket. Cute for a spooky pasta salad . They have an entire line of different holiday/season shapes.

If you are into the more creepier aspect of Halloween how about these recipes! Gag.

And for some sweets check out some devilish cupcakes or spooky tower from Wilton.

And if you don't know what to do for entertainment you can watch The Great Pumpkin. It's their fortieth anniversary.

If your hand gets tired from all the pumpkin carving you can do virtual carving.

And don't forget to dress up your furry buddies too.

But remember most importantly have a safe Halloween


Jesser said...

I'll have to show your post to my hubby. He's batty for Halloween. I put a cap on his Halloween decorating budget or I'd have a yard full of ghouls who talk to you when you walk by. :) We bought a bow-tie for Loki to go with his tuxedo coloring and he looks very dapper in it ... and he will be the only costumed individual in our house ... hehe.

foodiechickie said...

Yeah I am a pretty big fan too. Glad the links were a help. I hope you take a pick of Loki. Heh heh.

Jessica said...

Todd is into the scary halloween stuff where I tend to go for the cute stuff. I told him that when Luke is older they could knock themselves out for Halloween! hehehe

foodiechickie said...

Yeah Niel and I are the same way. Heh heh.